Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Drawing is a frame of mind, a loving embrace, if you will. ~Susan Avishai

Desert Wind

I love to sketch and I am drawn to the desserts of Rajasthan arnt you????

Tips to sketch  yourself!

•You can start by drawing a basic skeleton.
•Draw out your basic rough shapes first.
•Then you can begin to add in additional shapes.
•Begin to darken the main shapes that you see and erase any lines you no longer need.
•Add the jewellery or smaller images,at the end making sure they are proportional to the main image.
•You can draw a grid and follow it if you are copying from an image.
Have fun sketching!!!!

Monday, August 30, 2010

Chettinad Prawns

"Do not overcook this dish. Most seafoods...should be simply threatened with heat and then celebrated with joy." ~ Jeff Smith

An exotic side dish!
Prep & Cooking: 1 hour 25 mts

Serves 4 persons

Cuisine: Tamil Nadu

                                              I don't have to extol the virtues of Prawns. It sure is a delicacy. And Chettinad cuisine is one of the spiciest and the most aromatic in India. Chettinad cuisine is famous for its use of a variety of spices used in preparing mainly non-vegetarian food. It is the cuisine of the Chettinad region of Tamil Nadu state in South India. So trust me this duo is lipsmacking good!!!

Prawns- 1 Pound (cleaned)
Shallots (Small onions)- 6-10 (finely chopped)
Chili powder-1 tsp (or to taste)
Ginger garlic paste-1/2 tsp
Cumin powder- 1/4 tsp
Curry Powder-1/4 tsp
Coconut - 1/4 cup ( Freshly grated)
Drizzling of olive oil
Salt to taste

Drizzling of Conola oil
Few fresh corriander leaves

  • In a glass dish, mix together the olive oil, ginger garlic paste, chilli powder, turmuric and salt. Add the prawns, and stir to coat. Cover, and let marinate for 1 hour.
  • Heat the pan and add a good drizzling of conola oil.
  • Add the chopped onion and saute untill golden brown.
  • Add the marinated prawns.
  • When the prawns are half cooked, add jeera powder and dhanya powder.
  • Cook it untill all the water evaporates.
  • Once done add the freshly grated coconut, and remove from flame.
  • Heat a drizzling of oil in another pan and saute some corriander leaves and add them to the prawns for an amazing flavour!!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010


 My daughter is starting preschool in two weeks and I have been stocking up stuff for her. Yes Im trying not to think of the time that Im gonna miss her and am keeping my mind on other things :) This weekend I found great deals at Michaels and Childrens place.... im gonna miss her like crazyyyyy!!!
Heres some of the coupons that I used this week end hope its useful for you too:)

For Michaels coupon click here. Its valid from Aug 9th to Sept 4th

For great deals at Childrens Place click here.

Happy Shopping!!!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Alphabet 'A' Activity

You can learn many things from children.  How much patience you have, for instance.  ~Franklin P. Jones

 We went to the local science museum and saw the alligator skin.

Journal: Sharon drew the bumpy skin of alligator :)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Growing beef tomatos

There can be no other occupation like gardening in which, if you were to creep up behind someone at their work, you would find them smiling. ~Mirabel Osler

Yep, the chunky juicy kind:)

I planted the beef tomatoes early summer and have been waiting to harvest it. They did take a long time to turn color. This year I have been religiously pruning out all the suckers.
Pruning is good for the plants as it increases airflow within the plants which in turn reduces the risk of blight. I also have a relatively small area for gardening, pruning fits more plants in a small place.

Pretty yellow flowers.

 I grew these tomatoes from seeds. These are the steps I followed to grow these tomatoes.
  • Get some good quality seeds from the local store.
  • Fill a small container with damp seed starting mix. Plant your seeds about 1/8 inch deep.You can plant lots of seeds close together. 
  • Once the seedlings appear transplant them after all danger of frost has passed.

Juicy tomatoes.

Tips for growing juicy tomatoes.
  • Choose a site that gets full sun.
  • Add plenty of compost.
  • Place a paper collar around each plant to deter cutworms. I used some plastic cups and placed it around the plants.
  • Water them regularly they need one to two inches of water every week


This sure is the most exciting part. Its like finding little treasures. Each day as I walk into my lil eden I find some flowers or fruits or vegetable smiling at me with all its freshness. Oh how amazing are the works of our creator!! Well here is the pic of my harvested tomatoes. I get about 3 or 4 tomatoes every other day!! Its just amazing :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010


And Abram believed the LORD, and the LORD counted him as righteous because of his faith.~Genesis 15:6

The book of new beginings.

           Heres a small note on the book of Genesis.
Genesis tells of the beginning of time and of the creation of the human race, but more important it tells of the beginning of God’s amazing love relationship with us. From Adam to Joseph, the men who begin the line of the Hebrew race. Their disobedience, obedeince, unfaithfulness, faithfullnes and most important the unfailing love of God no matter what they did or did not do.
            Throughout the book of Genesis, God revelas again and again his power to work out his plan in spite of us. The story of the women of Genesis is our story. From infertility to the pain of childbirth, from jealousy to the security of knowing one is loved, from manipulation to surrender – the lives of these men and women unveil in one amazing sequence after another of God’s redeeming love for them…… and for us.
            This book is all about the beginning of love relationship between me and God and also between husband and wife.
            God is not some remote untouchable force, He thinks, plans, talks, loves and cares for what he has made.
           I would like to encourage you to read the book of Genesis. Click 
here to read more.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Quilled butterfly

“I'm not a sponge exactly, but I find that something I look at is a great opportunity for ideas.” ~ Martha Stewart

What is quilling?

            Oh! I love to quill. This is my new found 'love'. This art is just amazing!! When I first learnt that you could make these unique creations with just paper I was totally amazed. To know more about it read on .......I know you want to know what quilling is??
So here it is.......
           Quilling, is an art that involves rolling or coiling thin strips of paper into beautiful designs and shapes. I think quilling was first done with paper by monks and nuns to decorate religious objects. The art is named because originally the tiny strips of paper were rolled over goose quills.

If you want to know more about quilling click here.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Beetroot Poriyal

Vegetables are a must on a diet. I suggest carrot cake, zucchini bread, and pumpkin pie. ~Jim Davis

A tasty Indian side dish!
Prep & Cooking: 25 mts
Serves 4 persons
Cuisine: Tamil Nadu

                                I am a food enthusiast and I love cooking and whole lot of other things.... you will know more as you follow my blog. This is my first blog and I would like to share a simple recipe. We had gone to the- 'pick your own vegies' farm. It was soo exciting because it brought back memories of buying vegetables in the markets back in India :) The vegeis were soo fresh and tender. The kids loved it there. Came back home and made this yummy dish! The aroma of the seasonings made us even more hungry and we enjoyed it with avarakai(hyacinth beans) sambhar and hot steamed rice. Yummmmm!!!!

Beetroot - 2
Red chili powder - 1tsp
Coriander powder - 2tsp
Roasted split gram or Potukadalai - 1Tbsp (coarsely ground)


Mustard seeds - 1tsp Urad dal - 1tsp Curry leaves - 1strip

•Wash and Peel the beetroot and chop it into small pieces, steam and drain the excess water . Keep it aside.
•Heat oil in a pan add mustard,urad dal, curry leaves and saute it for 30sec.
•Add the chili powder and coriander powder saute it for another 30sec.
•Add the beetroot and fry it for 1min.
•Add roasted split gram powder and cook it for 1min .
•Garnish with curry leaves.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Welcome to my new Blog!!

                  After all the encouragement and appreciation received from my previous blog I wanted to let you all in on the other aspects of my world other than just quilling.

                  Here’s a sneak peek:
Curry Monday: I’m a food enthusiast and I love to cook. I will be sharing some of the dishes that my family and friends love :)
Artsy Tuesday: I will be sharing the arts and crafts that have intrigued me.
Every Wednesday I will be sharing the introduction of a book from the Bible on how I have understood it, under the topic Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth (BIBLE)
Every Thursday I would like you to drop into my very little garden and enjoy the fresh green lush:) under the topic My li'l Eden.
On Fridays I would like to share my homeschooling tips and ideas that will keep your toddlers busy, active and full of fun @ Preschoolers haven.
                At the Weekend chatter there will be something new something fun for you to enjoy!!!

                 I'm (mostly) enjoying the craziness of my life with two little ones at home. This blog is about the things I do with them/without them (very rarely) and things in between.
Pick up your favorite cup of cofee, tea, latte ........ Put up your feet and enjoy a good read!!


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